Morph8ne Salum Maxi Skirt


IDR 1,583,200

IDR 1,979,000

I know, I am an expensive slum girl and I like to pretend that i’m a queen. I don’t care how people stare at me around the corner. My perfectly imperfect skirt have meaning in every layered pieces. Just pick me up, I’m an elastic waisted that will fit perfectly on you.Touch it, feel it and grasps the perfectness and keep that it in you, my next beautiful queen.

Tartan Cotton, Voile with glitter, Damask, True silk and lace

Size :

Free Size
– elastic waisted height 2.5”
– tartan Cotton height 32 cm
– damask height 12 cm
– voile with glitter height 20 cm
– lace height 12 cm
– true silk with black heart logo height 24 cm
– bottom rim height 2”

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