Morph8ne Ann

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The older twin who are sweet little sin that got murdered from her younger twin.
Features with the sweat crop top with white collar and pining logo at the center.
These twirl the death with a high waisted short skirt and black lace at bottom rim.
Her younger twin commend her lil heart at the back side of skirt, to sorry for murdered
her sister. But as they said, “If one is hurt, the other perishes even more”. Death was
something yer had to share. Wear it and share Ann sadness with this set, won’t you?

100% Polyester
– Silver zip at back side with heart zip shape
– Pinning the logo at the center of collar
– Black lace at the bottom rim of skirt
– Pinning the small logo at the back side of skirt

Features : Model wearing smallest size available

Size Chart: 

S: (shirt 35”x14.5” skirt 25”x12”)
– Sleeves length 14”
– Neckline wide 14”

M: (shirt 36”x15” skirt 26”x15”)
– Sleeves length 14.5”
– Neckline wide 14”

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  • M

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